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Hawaii Quarantine Information

By completing a few requirements, you can travel to the mainland and back with your pets.  The State of Hawaii Animal Industry Division has all the information you will need for the 5 day or less program for Hawaii resident pets.

Veterinary Associates can help you with much of the process:  Administering rabies vaccinations, drawing blood for the rabies FAVN titer, and performing an exam for Health Certificate when it is time for your flight.


Fleas and Heartworm

With summer here and warmer weather, you may be noticing an increase in flea, tick, and mosquito populations.

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can all harbor infectious diseases besides causing your pet itching and discomfort.

For a resource regarding the life cycles of fleas, please see the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Flea Information Page

For a resource regarding Heartworm disease and prevention, the American Heartworm Society’s Pet Owner Resource Page.