About Us

Veterinary Associates Inc. was founded by John B Belfrage D.V.M., William C Bergin D.V.M., and Alan D Kaufman D.V.M. with the blessing for the Case Memorial Veterinary Hospital building on June 14, 1981.








Veterinary Associates Inc. has housed many wonderful doctors through-out the years, and at one time included a satellite office at Hualalai.  Some of the veterinarians that have provided their services and expertise include Dr. Betsy Webb, Dr. Steve Hill, Dr. Mary Ballinger, Dr. Kent Tooman, Dr. Maria Jose, and Dr. Warren Shetrone.

Veterinary Associates Inc.’s current team of veterinarians are: Dr. Tim Richards, Dr. Lisa Wood, Dr. Jim Gressard, and Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton.  Our veterinarians all endeavor to provide the best veterinary medical and surgical care to our clients and patients– collaborating on cases and keeping up to date with continuing education opportunities in order to bring quality service to your animal or herd.

Veterinary Associates Inc. provides care for large and small animals across the island, with farm calls available on request.   We strive to provide our clients with quality care and services with our dedicated and compassionate doctors and staff while maintaining a positive presence in our community.  Offering service for all pets: from dogs and cats, to horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and more; Veterinary Associates Inc. will work with you to achieve the best health and care for your animals available.

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